What Our Members Say...


Here are just a few examples of what our members have said who have completed 'The Xcellerator Programme' with us.


"I chose Life ProAdvance because I was referred to them by a friend. In 6 weeks, I lost 19.8lbs (9.0kgs) and 9cm (3.5 inches) from my waist! The programme was different to anything I had done before because my consultant approached things in a structured, simple way that made it easy for me to understand and follow. I have never been one for exercise, so was glad I wasn't given a punishing gym routine, I was encouraged to be more active in other ways and this approach really helped me! With what I have learnt in the 6 weeks, I am staying with Life ProAdvance to continue my journey."

Diana, Age 45


"As someone who has tried almost everything to lose weight, i turned to Life ProAdvance as a kind of a last resort to finally get to lose some weight and build my confidence again. I had my free consultation and was instantly put at ease; it was so good to speak to someone who was not only really approachable and non-judgemental but also someone who had a clear knowledge of their profession. Without any hesitation, I couldn't wait to get started. The personal consultations were specific, structured and straight to the point, I tried to take in as much info as possible and received a review on email as well. If I had any questions between my consultations, I emailed my consultant and got a reply within 24 hours. In 6 weeks, I've lost 18.8lbs (8.5kgs) and 17cm (6.7 inches) from my waist. If you want results, and the knowledge to make it into a long term lifestyle, I can't recommend Life ProAdvance highly enough!" Alan, Age 27


" In 6 weeks, I've lost 21.2lbs (9.6kgs) and 11cm (4.3 inches) from my waist. I couldn't believe how much I achieved in such a short space of time! For these kind of results I was expecting to be exercising for hours on end each and every day but that certainly wasn't the case. My consultant was great, they gave me the information I needed to know and then supported me to make better choices than I would usually make. I'm now in a habit of eating the right foods for my body type and I'm more active now because I'm a lot more confident and happier with how I look."

Michelle, Age 32

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