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For any member featured as a success story they are rewarded by: 6 weeks access to the 'Members Only Community' area, a 'daily essentials' supplement bundle (worth £100) and a free personal online consultation with our Executive Consultant, Craig Budgen.




Day 1

Day 42

6 Week Summary: Weight Lost = 19.4lbs (8.8kgs), Waist Measurement Lost = 5.5 inches

Laura’s Feedback – "After having 2 children and struggling to lose weight and the baby belly, I tried for years using lots of different programmes and diets such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Cambridge Diet etc.... The Xcellerator Programme is very much different I have had lots of energy, am sleeping better and can get up in the morning without a struggle! I have not once been hungry and have felt healthier and cleaner all around.  The program was very simple and easy to follow, you don't need to count calories or points you can eat everything off the list of foods as much as you want and when you want.  Having a treat meal once a week is a good incentive as this gives you something to look forward to makes you appreciate it more.  I didn't see this as a diet but that I was helping my body physically and mentally to be a healthier person. Having a personal consultation once a week very much motivated me.  it kept me switched on and I knew there wasn't an opportunity to slip.  in these meetings my consultant answered any questions I asked and then backed up his comments via email in more depth.  He was very supportive and if I was feeling low in certain areas he suggested various supplements which I started taking which has really helped.  Getting weighed and measurements being taken once a week boosted me to carry on and not give in. My overall health and fitness has improved  massively and I'm going to go on and continue what I have been doing. I would recommend the program to anybody who was looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. This program will suit anybody and if you show commitment you will achieve great results."




Day 1 

Day 42

6 Week Summary: Weight Lost = 27.6lbs (12.5kgs), Waist Measurement Lost = 4.8 inches

Steve’s Feedback – "I tried The Xcellerator Programme because I was aware that the lifestyle choices I was making just were not right. I was overweight and in constant bad habits, it got to the point when I decided I had to do something about it. What I liked about The Xcellerator Programme was the fact of not only did it give me access to my own consultant, I didn't have to leave the house to reap the rewards! I have a busy work schedule and my job is quite physical so I'm always on the move, when I explained this to my consultant he recommended that we solely focus on the food I was going to eat and we could factor some form of exercise in further down the line when I was ready for it. This was great for me because the thought of joining a gym and having a regimented routine was probably the last thing I wanted! After 6 weeks and without any real form of exercise, I've lost over 12% of my original bodyweight. I feel better and am a lot happier with the way I look. Everyone has noticed the difference and asked me how I've done it, I simply can't recommend The Xcellerator Programme enough. It has really changed my life. "

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