Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'The Xcellerator Programme', and how was it developed?

'The Xcellerator Programme' is our flagship package for helping you lose weight and improve your life through adopting a healthier lifestyle. It introduces all of the elements that you need to address such as your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and it empowers you on how you can retain the strategies post course.


It is a healthy weight loss programme developed by our Executive Consultant, and coach to the stars, Craig Budgen.

Craig travels the world and works as a private consultant for high profile celebrities, as well as successful corporate and media figures. These individuals depend on Craig to look and feel their best as often their careers depend on it.


Is 'The Xcellerator Programme' proven to work?

Yes, just read the success stories and comments from our many satisfied clients. But we want you to be happy with the results that you see after using 'The Xcellerator Programme' and if for any reason you are not happy then you can have complete peace of mind in the knowledge that you are protected with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


How much weight could I expect to lose?

Some members report quite rapid weight loss during the programme, it’s impossible to say exactly how much weight you will lose but typically it’s anywhere from 5% - 10% of your starting bodyweight depending on what your goal is. The difference between 'The Xcellerator Programme' and other so called ‘diets’ is that we educate you over the 6 week program, so you have a better understanding of how food and your body works to put you in the best possible position to either maintain your weight or continue to lose more once the programme is complete. To see some examples of typical results click here.


What happens when I complete 'The Xcellerator Programme'?

At this point we give our members 2 options. Option 1, you can continue your journey with us and carry on your membership. You will have access to the Members Only Community, have email support when required and have the opportunity for further personal consultations if you wish. Option 2, you can take what you have learnt from the programme and continue your journey on your own.


If I don't exercise can I still lose weight?

Up to 80% of the your weight loss results will depend on what you eat. We do have some members who do little exercise and still get great results. In our experience though, we recommend some form of activity.


Do I have to have pictures taken?

No. This is a personal decision that some members make so they can clearly see how far they have come during their time with us. We fully understand if you don't want to do it though, it's your personal choice.


What times are available for consultations?

We do not have standard business hours. Our consultants work early mornings, during the day and  late evenings. During your initial consultation we will discuss with you on a one-to-one basis our availability, we have yet to come across a case where we couldn't accommodate a suitable time for our members.

Do I have to have my consultations via Skype?

During 'The Xcellerator Programme' (Options 1 & 2), we try where possible, to have all our consultations via Skype. We do this so we can interact with you as much as possible and in our experience our members like to be able to see and communicate with a friendly face. There will be times when a phone consultation maybe more suitable for you, this can be arranged with your own consultant. If you dont' yet  have Skype, it's completely free and you can get it here.

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